SERVO OBS is the software application that is used to backup all clients to our secure datacentre. It is the core server-side application offering centralized backup services to diverse SERVO OBM and SERVO ACB client users. It is used for managing individual users and their account configurations, as well as monitoring the entire backup system's performance. SERVO: To Watch Over, Keep, Protect, Observe    To Preserve, Serve, Guard Online Backup After installing the SERVO software, all chosen data is encrypted, compressed and synchronised with our secure servers. SERVO OBM is a client-side backup application coupled with comprehensive backup modules to protect database and email servers in addition to standard file backups. SERVO OBM is ideally suited for server environments but can also be used for PC/Laptop backups where multiple backup accounts are required. It is a light version of the OBM client-side backup application with common backup features. It also has a clean and easy-to- use interface, which is specifically designed for general users to back up files in desktop and laptop computers. After just a few clicks your data is ready and scheduled for backup. SERVO ACB is used for PC’s/Laptops and will backup documents, spreadsheets, photos, email etc, ideal for home or small office. How it works